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Colorful Book Spines


Here is a list of my publications. 


  • Tay, P., & Ng, B. C. (2022). Revisiting the past to understand the present: The linguistic ecology of the Singapore Deaf Community and the historical evolution of singapore sign language (SgSL). Frontiers in Communication.  

  • Cooper, A., Holzman, S., Shanks, M., & Tay, P. (2022). Beginning with language: Inclusive education strategies with sign languages in Rwanda, Singapore, United States, and Việt Nam -. In M. J. Schuelka & S. Carrington (Eds.), Global Directions in inclusive education: Conceptualizations, practices, and methodologies for the 21st Century (pp. 45–65). New York: Routledge. [Download File]

  • Tay, P. (2013). The deaf writer: Does it exist? In The Emerging Writer. Melbourne: Emerging Writer’s Festival. [Book Chapter] 

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